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UPDATED with WINNER! Saturday Game: This or That!

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This is an easy, relaxed, and fun game, especially for a Halloweenie Saturday!  I will start the game off with a choice between two things.  The next person to post will say which of those two things she prefers over the other (and why, if you'd like to explain), and then she will give the next pair of things to choose between.  Here's an example - if I started out with "Coffee or tea?"  the next person to post would choose one of those, let's say "Tea, because I'm English and those Americans drink waaaayyy too much coffee!" Then she would post another choice, like "Summer or winter?" 

The more you post, the greater your chance to win a $5 gift card to the SG store (by random draw).  The only rule is you of course can't post twice in a row - you can't answer your own question.  You must wait for someone else to post before you can post again.  I'll also suggest, let's keep the choices light and fun.  The game will end at midnight ET, Saturday night - Halloween night at midnight, when witches turn back to black cats, ghouls back into pumpkins, and zombies into frogs.  Or something like that.  

Creative Team members and Welcoming Team members are not eligible for the prize, but you are definitively welcome to play the game.  The more, the merrier!

So here is the first post:  Dog or cat?


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9 minutes ago, Mikelle said:

I would have said pizza when I was younger, but now it’s salad.

I don’t see Sue’s choice answered, so vanilla or chocolate?

Cracked me up, I'm exactly in the same situation, love pizza but I hate gain weight, so salad it would be ok for me, lol.
I love vanilla ice cream, and not chocolate ice creams, but in another hand, my weakness are chocolate cakes

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  • Mikelle changed the title to UPDATED with WINNER! Saturday Game: This or That!

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