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November 2020 Monthly Challenges

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Here are the monthly challenges for November. Remember you have all month to complete them. Post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery then come back to this thread and leave links to your layouts so we can leave you some love.

1.       Scrap about the place where you live. Please use at least one photo.

2.       Create a page that uses at least two geometric shapes. You can use more than two, but it should have at least two.

3.       It is the eleventh month so use eleven different embellishments on your layout. You can’t count a single embellishment more than once. You can repeat things, but each only counts as one. (ask questions here if you have them)

4.       Create a pocket page with at least one spot filled with a journal card. You can use a template or just create a grid page which is easily done.


Remember you have until the end of the month to complete your projects and each layout must be unique to the November challenges. Don’t forget to add your link to the Challenge Chase Tracking thread to earn credit toward an awesome coupon. Thanks and have fun!

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Here is Unsolved Mystery for the Where I Live Challenge. This oddity is located along the river that forms the southern border of the town where I live. Very good friends of ours live along the river and we have gone boating with them for many years. This car is always a place we stop and linger, wondering at the mystery of why this car is in this remote place and buried. Such intrigue! 

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