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Jan 14th - Speed-bump!
Head over to the gallery and find a layout to scrap-lift. You can pick a layout from any gallery, by anyone. Post a link to the layout in this thread so you can find it again next week.

Link to layout I want to lift.  This is so beautiful! I love the large photo masked on top and the two smaller ones are arranged as if to make a heart!

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4 hours ago, Florida granny said:

I'm always in awe of people who do elegant white space layouts so I'll attempt a scrap-lift of Celestine's page here: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/191105-wedding-promises-made/

Wish me luck!


Awww, thanks Diane! I have to admit that I find white space layouts a real challenge. I usually use lots of color and fill up my page, so I have to really restrain myself to pull off a white space page. I look forward to seeing your page!

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Well.... I wound up changing my background mask to another one by Brandy Murry (Grunge Block), just because I thought it went better with the photo and frame.  Then I also changed my ribbon from white to blue (from Wesley's Christmas). The title uses one of the alphas from BMU Winter Magic and I added a font: Kristi. Here it is now:



JJ LO 2 title.jpg

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18th January
Remember that layout you picked last week? We want you to scrap-lift that layout this week. Remember that it is up to you how you chose to use the layout to inspire you.

Start with the background and use at least two papers.

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