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Hello from The Palmetto State!

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I'm not certain if I ever introduced myself so here goes....

Nothing special here just an old gal who has many hobbies and loves to learn new things. I enjoy most anything...sewing, reading, watching movies, scrapping, photography, cooking, well you get the picture! LOL

I live with my hubby Bobby of about 20 plus years along with our 2 furball babes, Max and Big Boy who you will be meeting alot in my photo's as their mommy adores them so very much. We live in a small town where everybody knows you and any of your business whether it's yours or not.  LOL But ya gotta love a small town!  We weren't blessed with children of our own but had a hand in sharing the raising of our niece and nephew so there was that and they are 15 and 16 now and you can't hardly bribe them to leave their computer screen to go to town or nothing else now a days.

We live next door to my mom. We moved here a few years ago after my dad had his stroke and had to be placed in the nursing home for care to help mom out and so she wouldn't be completely alone. It's hard without daddy being here with us but we get to see him as much as possible. Wish this old Corona Virus would freaking go away!

But that is a basic idea of me....just a fairly boring laid back ole country girl with many hands in the mix!  Thank you for having me!

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Welcome, Jennifer! I look forward to seeing your layouts. I think you will have some company in the "country girl" category with a few around here. I grew up in a small town and come from a long line of small town folks. :cowwave:

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:waving-hi: Welcome Jennifer,  I hope you settle in and enjoy being here.

I live in a small country town here in Australia but I was born and raised in a large town which is now a city ( too big for us now). 

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