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February Favourites Slow Scrap

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24th February
Add at least nine embellishments including the following;

  • something your favourite colour

  • a ribbon, string, thread or something similar

  • some wordart

  • a fastener (button, clip, etc.)

  • a heart

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... working on this.   I had planned a nice simple white space layout, but it's beginning to look very different.  .... Be back later.

Ok, I've added a couple of ribbons, a mask, a heart charm, some word art, a clip, flowers, a frame a stamp and a leaf (in my favorite color). Whew! Here it is so far:


Feb Slow Scrap Wk 4 embells.jpg

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3 hours ago, Florida granny said:

@alsoarty Yours is definitely arty and pretty! I can't cheat, lol, but I'm afraid, too, of what comes next. Also, I'm getting a kick out of the fact that we both chose a flaky wood texture for our pages. :D 

I think it may even be the same paper...

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I like arty and grunge and used CWX_Blues, aimeeh_throughthelens and SNU_ArtJournal to create the BG paper and I photo. 9 embellishmemts added including an orange heart and green leaf (favourite colours) some thread, a button, some wordart.



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24 February. 

Favourite colour: Shades of pink












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25th February
Create some wordart for your title. Make sure you include either an alpha or an embellishment in your word art.

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