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Syndee's Brush_Fab Frames Vol 2

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1 hour ago, tsendi said:

I was wondering if there are any instructions to follow to color and put together the pieces of the frames in this set. 


It would be handy since I am not exactly sure how Syndee planned them! I have done a little trial and error, but I have found that the first number is the grouping and then layers base, a, b, c, d, e, f, g can be variations to shade or color. You don't have to include all the layers. I have even moved the layers back and forth to get the look I like. I do admit it is time consuming to figure it out so a cheat sheet would be lovely!

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Hi there,

There aren't any specific instructions for this set. They are designed to use 'as is' or you can layer them. I would recommend using the .png files that are included if you want to layer the brushes. As you can see in the image below, there is a 'detailed frame', a 'mask' for your photo, a 'solid' frame, and some of the designs have a 'inset' that is just part o the detailed frame and can either be used alone as a frame around a photo, or as a way to add a secondary color to the detailed frame. If you are using the .pngs you can use a color overlay or a color fill layer to add color to the different layers. If you are using the brush versions you can just chose a color before stamping the brush on your document, create a new layer and then stamp with a different brush and a different color.  HTH!

We have some great tutorials on the blog about using color: 

TUTORIALS on recoloring:





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