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Chatting Thread (AKA Post Game)

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1 hour ago, angleigh said:

@MariJ  you are the winner of the chatter game

Oh thank you Angie!   And I really did try not to chatter too much, I just can't help myself between leaving comments and talking!

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 I forgot to put my total in but I know I wasn't as chatty as others. We had a major heatwave this past week and it was crazy hot and I was a bit sluggish. Even with the A/C it was difficult b/c I had to go in and out with the dogs a lot (especially the pup) and monitor their time outside and watch how long they stood on the pavement b/c it would burn their pads. 

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9 hours ago, scrapgarden said:

@MariJCongratulations. Do so enjoy your chattiness! Always look forward to your comments on my pages.

I completely forgot about this challenge!

Thanks Lynne - I really do so enjoy your pages and I actually like commenting.

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3 hours ago, Jane in N.Z said:

congratulations Marilyn a well deserved winner :) 

Awww...   Thanks Jane - I really do enjoy leaving comments and didn't try at all to win.  

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