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Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 9/14/2021

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Are you like me -- always the one behind the camera, capturing family memories and thinking about framing the subject for that next great scrapping layout? Even when I hand off the camera - or these days the mobile phone - my husband manages to lop off the top of someone's head 50% of the time. My dad was the photographer in the family, and after he passed I was shocked at how few appearances he made in candid images. Your challenge for the FUTURE is to make sure you stand beside your loved ones in a few snapshots and promise to place yourself on the other side of the lens every once in a while.

HOWEVER, your challenge for THIS WEEK is to scrap a layout with you somewhere on the page. Pick an old photo or take a new one, but put yourself on the page. If you're shy, get inventive with how you manipulate the image and let creativity take your photo to a new place.

Post your layout in the Weekly Newsletter Gallery and place a link in this thread. If you're playing the Challenge Chase, don't forget to post there as well.

Here is one I did, highlighting an old, but favorite, photo.

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Here is my page.  I try to get into my pictures at least once for each event.  Usually it's in the form of a selfie.  I dont like the way I look so I tend not to scrap too many, so thank you for the challenge. 

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