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Scrap Girls World Tour 2021

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27th November

Don't panic, there is no dancing tonight. All the commotion in the dining carriage is for movie night! And because this is a special train each of us can watch whatever we want, at the same time.

So tell me, what film do you want to watch tonight?

Post your movie quote layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.

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@Belle they don't have to be different ones, you can make them all the same if you want.

@Pab Unless it says "post your layout to the hodge podge gallery" wait. You may have to add something you may not, it's all just for fun.

16th November As we head off to our new destination we have a troupe of Bollywood dancers for you all to enjoy in the bar carriage.     There's been a lot of dancing lately, who'd of thou

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Oh I want to watch "Lightkeepers". I have always love lighthouses and have read many books by lighthouse keepers, toured lighthouses and even stayed a weekend in one so I think this move would be awesome to see. With a famous cast too.

Here is my page of Movie Quote...from Gone with the Wind

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1 hour ago, Florida granny said:

Hi, Patsy! I thought we'd lost you at the pool, LOL. But I'm glad to see you are still riding along. Aren't the sights amazing?

Yes, just amazing!! Life is amazing, a little too amazing this week. lol

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29th November
Sadly we have reached our final destination, Washington D.C..

Before you collect all your belongings together create one last layout. You have free choice for this layout, so create whatever you would like. 

Go ahead and post your layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.

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30th November
A huge thank you to everyone who has joined in this month, I hope you all enjoyed it.

Take some time today to catch up on any layouts you still want to complete. If you have finished them all why not go and leave some love in the gallery.

You have until 11:59pm (ET) tonight (30th November) to complete your layouts. Any layout posted after this time will not be included in the prize draw.

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My final stop page is of some of the party food they are serving for our last dinner aboard this wonderful train. It's our chance to say our farewells till next trip.

An enormous Thank You Valerie for the wonderful trip, you are a GREAT Captain.

It was great seeing all of you on the train and hope to see you on our next adventure.

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