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The Dice Game- Christmas Edition

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Who is up for a little Christmas fun? Let’s create a page inspired by some Christmas Cheer.  

Rules are simple: 

Roll the 5 virtual dice https://www.random.org/dice/ 5 times to come up with your Layout Recipe. Write own the result each time and use the steps below to build your recipe.  

1.     The first roll will determine how many pieces of paper you are to use in your layout.

2.     The second roll will determine the number of photos to add to your layout.

3.     The third roll will determine how many types of embellishments to add. For example, if you roll “3”, then you can add 3 types such as brads, flowers, and ribbons.  You can use as many of each embellishment as you want.

4.     The number on the fourth roll will determine your word art.

          a.     1 = big title

          b.     2 = big title and subtitle

          c.     3 = big title, little subtitle, and journal box

           d.     4 = journal box and title

          e.     5 = journaling as a list

          f.      6 = use different fonts in your journaling/word art

5.     Find your layout inspiration using the result of this roll.

          a.     1 = use a Christmas Ornament for your inspiration

          b.     2 = use wrapping paper as your inspiration

          c.     3 = scraplift a Christmas layout from one of your favorite Creative Team Members

          d.     4 = use sketch for your layout design. You can find sketches in the Scrapgirls Blog https://scrapgirls.com/category/all-posts

          e.     5 = use your photo(s) as your inspiration

          f.      6 = use a color wheel https://www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/ as your inspiration for color combinations to use.

6.     Us the result of this roll to make it extra special.

           a.     1 = the layout must be monochromatic in your favorite Christmas color

          b.     2 = you must be in at least 1 of the photos

          c.     3 =use items from at least 3 different kits

          d.     4 = add a page border to the layout

          e.     5 = use a frame on at least 1 photo

          f.      6 = make the layout a 2-page spread  

Once you have your layout recipe, create your layout. Post it to the Holiday Traditions Gallery.  Be sure to post a link to your page in this thread and include your layout recipe. 

The deadline for posting your layout is on 12/6/2021. A random winter will be selected for a $5 gift card to the SG Shop! 

I can’t wait to see what layout recipe you get!

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My numbers were  3, 1, 5, 6, 3, 2 

3= 3 papers

1 = 1 photo

5 = 5 types of embellishments

6 = Word Art using different fonts

3 = Scraplift Christmas page of a Creative Team member

2 = The photo needs to include me   ( this will not be an easy one) 

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My numbers are

4 papers


6 embellishmnets

2 Big title and subtitle

5  use photo for inspiration

and 1- Monochromatic

Here is my page.

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@A-M the photo of you is exactly why I put that in there! We all need photos of ourselves in our albums!  I can't wait to see your page!

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I rolled:

1 = 1 piece of paper

1 = 1 photo

6 = 6 types of embellishments

2 = Big title and subtitle

5 = Use my photo as inspiration

3 = photo must use items from 3 different kits


Here is my page. That was actually harder than I thought. The single paper and single photos made for a simple layout, so it was hard to find 6 different types of embellishments.  

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My dice roll was

5 = 5 papers,
2 = two photos,
4 = four embellishments,
1 = big title,
4 = use a sketch
and the extra was 1 = monochromatic using my favorite Christmas color.

I'm back. This was definitely hard to do. For example, I had to use 5 papers but a sketch template, not a designer template with space for 5 papers. So I made a few adjustments, for example, I added my photos separately and used the template blocks for the papers. I tried hard to keep everything monochromatic (off-white is a favorite color) but let some of the green in the pine branches show through since they looked dead in brown, LOL. Anyway... Here's my Dice Game page. Thanks for the challenge!

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When I originally went to the random dice roll site I couldn't get it to work for me. My spouse ended up doing an update on my laptop that enabled the program to work. This is what I rolled.

4 – pieces of paper to use

3 – number of photos

3 – number of embellishments

6 – use different fonts in journaling/word art

4 – use a sketch

5 – use a frame

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