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Jumpstart January 2022

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I literally downloaded all of my holiday and Christmas photos a few days ago, so all I had left new for this challenge were a couple of shots of my daughter and our dog. She wanted a photo before she

Jan 3 I edited these in Camera Raw through Bridge. I used exposure, clarity, sharpening, different color settings for the bird, cropped, texture, de-hazing, radial masking for the bird, levels and var

Jumpstart January 2022 It's time to kick off the new year with some fun and a focus on scrapbooking! Join us on Scrap Girls Forum for "Jumpstart January!" This game and challenge will focus on t

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January 19th
Start a new layout using the photos you chose yesterday and the two products you chose on the 17th.


I'm using Angelle Designs pocket cards

EBA PocketLifeSpaces

now I will go look for pictures

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Jan 11 - start new layout and add photos and paper, using tutorial chosen (Here) Done

Jan 12 - Add Odd # Embs - done

Jan 13 - Tell the story - done

Jan 15 - finished layout Jumpstart January Week 2 done - HERE

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January 20th
Create a cluster using at least 5 different embellishments and add it to your layout.

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I was playing catch up from last week. Here is my Page #2

The tutorial I used was Quickly Lighten a Photo in PS And PSE I actually took it a step farther for this photo. I used the magnetic tool and traced out Reed on his snowmobile and lightened that another time since he was in the shadows.

I have external back up but I think I want to get another. I did have 2 but one was lost in our trailer accident last year.

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Jan 16 Requirement:   basic organizational method

Mine is fairly simple. I immediately unzip kits and put them a folder marked "new" After a month or so goes by I put them in designer folders. I have 2 special folders for Beach and Christmas. I always make sure the previews are labeled and that's what I look at when choosing a kit for a layout.
My photos are a mess. I do label what the content is like beach or dog and search that way.
I'm still trying to organize my fonts.

Jan 17 These are 2 that I haven't used. Don't know how they are going to work together!
Of a Feather Coll Biggie by Chere Kaye Designs
Value Pack: Bright Outlook by Laitha Art Studio


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January 21st
Let's look for a little something extra to add to our pages. Head to the ScrapGirls Design Shop and find a brush set that you think will work nicely with your layout. REQUIREMENT: Post a link to the brush set you found.

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Week 3 Catch up!

Jan 17 - I just scrolled through my download folder and it looks like there are ALOT of unused collections! Somebody went crazy during Anniversary week!  For this week I'm going to try to meld "Today is your lucky day" by Sarapullka Scraps (Retired) and The Work In Between Collection By Aimee Harrison. Not sure how the'll play together either but I"ll give it a go! 

Jan 18 - Pick two photos to go with the Unused products. YIKES! often times I make the whole layout then find the photos to complete it!  We had a family trip up Blue Ridge Hwy recently and there are two photos from that which will be perfect. Looks like they'll go very nicely with the two collections just picked out.

Jan 19 - start layout. Working on it now!

Jan 20 - 5 item cluster done!

Jan 21 - While browsing through the brush section, I discovered many that I have already and have never used! And a bunch more that need to jump in my cart~ The new ones that might go well with my layout are Brush Set: Dots Biggie and Brush Set: Inky Stencil - Alphabet. Might just have to get them both!

All Caught up!!!

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January 22nd
Add some brushwork to your layout. It doesn't need to be the one you chose yesterday.

Note: If one of the unused products you chose was a brush set, you don't need to use another.

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