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I used to use carbonite but don't any longer.  I back up on multiple EHD's.  It's funny I just  had this conversation with Justin last night.  Because I back up everything on 2 different EHD's.  So for example, my HD that has all my Senior photos is backed up on 2 EHD's....so they are in 3 spots.  His question to me was "have you ever had to use your 3rd back up"  lol...no but just in case.

So i'm a back up on multiple EHD's...but I do wonder about backing up on off site locations again

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I'm a back-up on multiple EHD, too but since my new laptop (oops - that is now 1 year+3 months old!) I've only been backing up to one.  😱
Funny thing is, I just asked my cousin a week ago - why did I need to save two backups from the old laptop, couldn't I erase one and reuse it for the new one?
Answer?  Yes.    Done?  Not yet.
Thanks for the reminder Angie.   

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