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Weekend Wildcard Challenge 30th April


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For your challenge today I thought we could do a numerical challenge.

I want you to include the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 somewhere in your layout.

You could have 1 photo, 2 word title, 3 papers, 4 flowers, 5 leaves and 6 lines of journalling.
Or you could do 1 word title, 2 ribbons, 3 photos, 4 papers, 5 buttons and 6 stars.

Its up to you how you decide to use the numbers, just don't forget to tell us what you did.

When you are finished upload your layout to the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.

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Here is my numbers layout.

1 Word art Splash ACU_Styles_Splashed_Summer_Spcl 

2 Papers AFT_Belle_Paper_Solids-1; AFT_Belle_Paper_Solids-5;

3 Three word title. Esti and Renier

4 Rows of journaling. Esti and Renier

                                       spent the weekend

                                        on Jan's new farm.

                                       They loved diving in the big dam.

5 Embellishments 3 x  MPE_CottageReflections_Waterlily;  DCA_RainyDay_Splash;  tmd_timeworn_gb7

6 Photos



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Here is my page

1- title

2- frame sets


4- embellishments

5. sentences

6- pictures

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