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Happy iNSD day! 

This weekend is all about getting your scrapbook pages completed. But, I think that it should start with your "why" for motivation!  Why do you do it? What do you get out of it?  For your challenge this morning, I want you to create a scrapbook page about your "whys" of scrapbooking. Why do you do it? What do you enjoy about it? How does it make you feel? How do others feel about it?  

When you are done, post your layout in the iNSD 2022 Scrap-a-thon Gallery 

Here is my "why" page.

And here is today's freebie!  It's a beautiful kit by Angie Briggs call Harmony Crush Easy Page 1

ABR_HCEZ1 (1).jpg

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Thanks so much for the pretty freebie, Angie!

This was an interesting challenge and it made me stop and think. I guess, for me, scrapping has a "serious" side (making photo books for others) and a "no-special-reason-just-for-fun" side, LOL. Here's my page. Thanks for making me think! :) 

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Here is Why I Scrap. And here is my scrapping tip - almost all of these pieces of Word Art came from a single sub-folder where I plopped phrases related to "Creativity, Moments & Self" and a few were picked up in the "Family, Heritage & Love" subfolder. I was getting tired of looking for just the right word art a few weeks ago and spent some time dividing my big, messy stash into four subfolders. It has been such a big timesaver!

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