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May Photo Challenge

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Photo Challenge

This month, our Photo Challenge gets down to basics as we focus on black-and-white photos. You may be thinking, “Oh, this is easy -- I’ll just change a photo I have to black and white, and I'll be done with it." Well, surprise! Angie isn't going to let you off that easy! She said, "Black-and-white photography is an artform in itself. When you strip away the color of the photo, you're left with the raw emotion/mood behind it because you are taking away the distraction of color, and now the focus is on the subject, the texture, and shapes in the photo. I want you to keep that in mind when you're thinking of this month’s Photo Challenge. Take a photo of something with a lot of structure or of a special moment you catch. Watch the magic when you change that photo to black and white!"

Post it to the Scrap Girls Gallery > Photo Challenge by June 15th.  I will choose one winner who will receive a $5 gift card to the Scrap Girls Store! 

Scrapping Challenge

Take your Photo Challenge to the next level! This month's Scrapping Challenge keeps the focus on your black-and-white photo by utilizing black/white as the basis of your layout -- but just for fun, add in a small pop of color. We can't wait to see your layouts in the Scrap Girls Gallery > Photo Challenge.

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Here is Prowl. Well, I will admit that I didn't go take a new photo, but I did specifically pick this image because of the emotion that it shows. I actually had to do a lot of correcting and manipulating to this image, including depth of field, because it is difficult to get a good shot in a gymnasium when you are sitting some distance away in the stands. Angie is correct, though, changing it to black and white takes it to a whole, new level.

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