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Photo Challenge June

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First let me apologize I have really planned to participate in this monthly, but my photography business has really taken off!  I started offering team photos/banners like these this last year


And I can barely keep up.  I already have 2 large youth football teams and a few schools who have contacted/booked me for Senior Fall sports banners....in addition to Senior photos I have booked.  It's absolutely nuts.  But I really need to take a few moments to take some photos of something for myself not all about others.


So for this month!

Photo Challenge

This month, our Photo Challenge focuses on contrast in its many forms: colors (such as bright pink against black material); texture (a frilly dress thrown in a plastic laundry basket); architecture (two different-colored buildings next to each other or an older building next to a new one). You get the idea, so get out there and take some photos (or find some in your photo stash), then show us how you can answer this month’s challenge to feature a photo that shows contrast. 

Post it to the Scrap Girls Gallery > Photo Challenge by June 15th.  I will choose one winner who will receive a $5 gift card to the Scrap Girls Store! 

Scrapping Challenge

Take your Photo Challenge to the next level! This month's Scrapping Challenge is about minimalistic scrapbooking. Your focus for this page is all about the photo.  Maybe you'll use a mask to blend your photo into a background paper and then add journaling. This product from Brandy Murry would be amazing to use: http://store.scrapgirls.com/Scrap-Simple-Digital-Layout-Templates-Grunge-Block-2.html   

Or something like this one from Angie: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Freestyle.html   

There are many more in the store, but all allow the photo to be the highlight of your page by using very few other items to create some amazing layouts. 

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