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Scrap Girls World Tour 2022

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Saturday, September 24th 
We have arrived in Chennai, India. This region was previously known as “Madras” and produced the lightweight, handwoven cotton fabrics that bear its name. The plaid, striped and checked patterns are made with semi-permanent vegetable dyes known for bleeding which give the fabric its signature soft, muted colors. A textile can only be called “madras” if it comes from this Indian region.

Add some plaid to your layout (don't post it yet).

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They look like they're dressed for dancing!       And we even have two dancing penguin emoticons.

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Wow, I never realized the significance of "Madras" in fabric and seeing all the different ones here in Chennai and I didn't know about the dyes either!  Such interesting learning here on this fun cruise!   I walked around and saw so many pretty versions, I just had to buy some even though I have plenty of fabric at home!   It's really so colorful and seems so much prettier than other madras fabrics I've seen.

Who was partying last night, were any ScrapGirls involved?   I heard splashes, did anyone jump in for a midnight swim?
Maybe we should take a headcount this morning!   :having-a-party: 🏊‍♀️ 😱 😎

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