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Important Update Please Read


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I made a status post yesterday, but it looks like it cut off and you can't read the whole thing.   I am aware of the issues responding (and I guess reading..lol) status updates.  We are trying to fix that. 

But in the process of fixing that a issue with the forum came up yesterday which forced us to reinstall a previous back up version.  The back up was done on Tuesday, I believe is what they told me.  So it is very likely that post you made, responded to, and layouts are missing.  You will have to repost anything that's needed for games, etc.  

Also we will be updated in the forum in the next week.  You should not notice any change at all, and the last time there was little to no down time when we did this.  This should hopefully fix the status update issue.  But it probably won't be until next week, as we have to finish resolving the issue from yesterday, and then test the new store changes before we make them live on the site.



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Thanks for the heads-up, Angie.  I noticed that some things I'd posted or commented on were missing.   At first I thought I was crazy, but then realized it was probably from some fix since we were down for a while yesterday.  Nice to know I didn't imagine that's I'd really posted!   

Thanks as always for keeping ScrapGirls safe and efficient and for keeping us in the loop!   😊

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Thanks for the update Angie! I also thought I was crazy because I was pretty certain I had uploaded a layout yesterday afternoon and I couldn't find it last night! I figured I had not clicked "Submit" and it had timed out!!  As Marilyn said, thank you so much for keeping us up and running and safe from little gremlins.   You're the best. 

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