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Guardian Angel

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#1 Jadedolphin

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Posted 24 February 2005 - 02:11 PM

A woman is walking on the road and a voice shouts out,

"Don't take a step further."

She obeys and suddenly a ton of bricks fall on the place where she would have otherwise been.

She thinks she imagined it and keeps walking until suddenly the voice calls out again.

"Don't take a step further."

She stops and a car skids past.

Then suddenly she hears the voice saying

"I am your guardian angel, and I will warn you before something bad happens to you. Now do you have any questions to ask me?"

Yes! Shouts the woman,

"Just where were you on my wedding day!"

#2 TamiW

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Posted 07 July 2005 - 01:21 PM


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