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Scrapgirls Member Of The Month!

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This forum will be devoted to announcing a ScrapGirl Member of the Month. Since we are so grateful to all of our members for all that you are and all that you do, we have decided to reward you for that. Each month, near the end of the month, we will present one of you with the title "ScrapGirls Member of the Month". You will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself in this forum. You will also receive a new titile for the time that you hold the postion so everyone around you knows that you are special to us. And, you will receive a $10 gift certificate to the boutique as well!


Here are the criteria for being nominated:

-Meeting and greeting new members

-Posting helpful information (or finding someone who can help)

-Helping in the chat room

-Posting an abundance of comments in the gallery

-Just being an overall great member!


Please be sure that if you see your name mentioned in this forum that you respond with a little something about yourself. Tell us what brought you here and what it is about ScrapGirls that you like so much. Also, direct us to your most treasured layout that you have done in the ScrapGirls gallery. You can use a link or just post an attachment, whichever you prefer.


This is us a way for US to give back a little something to YOU in appreciation for all you do!

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