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Organizing On Dvds

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#1 bellagirl

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 10:08 PM

I am finding that I have quite a DVD collection. Does everyone put all their extracted files on DVDs or just the zips? Maybe I am over doing it. I have another ACDSEE question. When you put all your kits in this program don`t you have to have whatever you are going to use on your LO either on your hardrive or find where you have stored it and open it up from there to use it? I keep all my open kits together on an EHD and I just open it up and since everything is organized with the contents displayed on the outside of the folder it is easy to choose what you want for your LO and you don`t have to keep it on your HD or go looking for it. I don`t know, just seems simpler to me. ;)

#2 HeidiD


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 10:19 PM

I keep my extracted files on the DVDs. There are two reasons for this... One is that the zipped files aren't really a whole lot smaller than the extracted files. Two is that if I ever want to retrieve something off the DVD that I don't have on my hard drive anymore, it needs to be extracted so I can access the file. Otherwise, I have to copy the ZIP to my hard drive, unzip it, and then find my file. Just too many steps for me to worry about.

As far as ACDSee goes, you can use this program just like you would your Windows Browser. You can look through the folders on your hard drive or EHD and see the contents of your folders, and open the files straight from ACDSee into your graphics program, if that's all you want to do and it works for you. :)

The added advantage ACDSee gives is that you can tag or keyword items so that you can search for "pink" items or search for "tags" and everything you've tagged with that keyword will show up. It does take some work to get everything tagged, but once you do, it's great! Then, in addition to searching through your folders like you're doing now, you can also search for keywords and then open those files directly into your program. You can also keyword items on your offline DVDs, and if you decide to use that item, ACDSee will tell you exactly which DVD to load to access that file.

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#3 Connie


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Posted 17 March 2007 - 04:51 PM

Hi ladies,

Wow HeidiD - you can really do the ACDSee talk! you go girl!! :dancing_penguin:

I was just reading this morning about zipped files not being overly stable on discs. And my sister says that the zip doesn't take up that much less space than the regular file... so it's probably best to burn discs of the unzipped files.

If you have questions about ACDSee - or are interested in the photo disc capability in ACDSee - we have our forum at DigiScrapInfo.com.
~ Connie ~

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#4 DDecker


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Posted 17 March 2007 - 06:50 PM

I have been backing up just my zip files to DVD but I guess I may be doing my collections too since it doesn't save much space!
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