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In Topic: Congratulations Evelyn (Grannieev)! August Member Of The Month!

Today, 09:48 AM

Congratulations, Evelyn!! Enjoy your month!

In Topic: July/august Hybrid Atc Swap

Yesterday, 04:37 PM

Dern! No cards in today's mail! Maybe tomorrow?? Yes, Andrea, I will make a video!! :D

In Topic: Midwest Meetup Fall 2014

Yesterday, 04:32 PM

Sorry I have been MIA for the majority of the summer.  I have had a lot going on with the dog and her brain tumor in May, 3 weddings spread through out June and July, a health incident that cropped up first part of August, then while on vacation last week I burned my left thumb and wrist badly ... very painful ... so trying to heal that up. I am still hoping to come and plan to arrive sometime Thursday barring nothing else major comes up between now and then!!

In Topic: August Atc Challenge & Swap

11 August 2014 - 05:25 AM

World Travel

In Topic: July/august Hybrid Atc Swap

06 August 2014 - 07:17 PM

They arrived today, safe and sound! We should get together with our ideas before we create, Lei! We were on the same wave length!

LOL Why does that not surprise me???  I ALMOST called you to ask what you were doing!!