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Internet Explorer Issues

13 March 2014 - 12:17 PM

This has nothing to do with the forum itself, but it is effecting how I can use the forum ... Suddenly, (as of yesterday) I am having issues posting in the forum. It allows me to post a comment however none of the options are available to me, such as Bold, inserting hyperlinks, inserting pictures, font size/color ... etc. Those buttons do appear, but they are "greyed out" so I am not allowed to even select them, I am only allowed to type in the message box and post.  This made referring in the forums to the layouts I posted yesterday.  I am able to use firefox and am not having any issues with using all functions for posting ... this is just happening in IE.  Any computer gurus out there have a solution for me ??

New Year, New Books?

25 December 2013 - 07:36 AM

I know its Christmas, but as 2013 dwindles to a close and 2014 looms close at hand, I wondered if any of you make/follow a reading plan for daily devotional? Do you just commit to read scripture? Do you have a favorite devotional? Is there something new you want to learn, discover, explore? What do you like to read for inspiration and change for the mind, body and soul?


I have not gotten mine all pulled together, but one new book I bought on a friend's recommendation is "Your Daily Walk" by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a 365 daily devotions to read through the Bible in a year. 


As I said, I have not gotten mine pulled together, but that is my starting point.  What's yours??