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Super Quick Valentine's Card/Chocolate holder

09 February 2017 - 04:14 PM

I remembered that this coming Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and tomorrow I am hosting our Friday morning ladies Bible study. I always like to do some little something to make them all feel special so I thought I would whip up a quick little ATC sized card/holder to tuck a piece of wrapped chocolate into and put one at each place setting.  I can’t believe how quickly this came together!


I opened up a 5” by 3.5” document in PS. I put a guide at 2.5 vertically so I knew which was the front and which was the back. I then designed my chocolate holder using Cindy Rohrbough’s beautiful new Love You Collection Super Mini . What a great little Valentines collection!!  


Attached File  CRO_LoveYou_CSM Valcard.jpg   52.1KB   0 downloads


Because I’m creating a library type pocket I printed on both sides of my paper. Once printed it was a quick snap to cut, fold, glue bottom and side (leave top open to insert chocolate square!) and tie up with a bow.

Hope this inspires you to bless your family, friends and/or co-workers with a little chocolate surprise made from the heart!


Photo can be seen here

August Digital ATC Swap/Challenge

30 July 2016 - 08:08 PM

I know this is one day early, but I will be leaving for a short vacation tomorrow, so I’m posting our August swap early. Can you even believe this is August already? Time does seem to fly by faster with each year that passes! Before I post the August swap information I wanted to let everyone know that due to some current major commitments in my life I need to cut back my responsibilities online which include hosting our monthly challenges for digital ATCs. I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting this challenge/swap and I want to thank all who participated and made it a fun project to work on.  ValerieT has graciously agreed to be the new coordinator/hostess for this thread and I’m sure she will have wonderful ideas to challenge/encourage our addiction to making ATCs!  I am planning on participating in the swaps as much as I can, and I can't wait to see what Valerie will have in store for us!

Because Valerie is on vacation, I am posting the challenge, however you will be emailing your cards to her: scrapgirlvalerie@gmail.com


Now for the challenge: Transportation – whether it is feet, wheels, or wings … let’s see how our creative juices flow with this topic.


If you have never created an ATC, these instructions may be helpful: ATC Instructions

You may create as many cards as you would like, just please remember to sign and date each card. Upload them to the Artist Trading Cards - Digital & Hybrid Gallery and email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 ppi) to Valerie at: scrapgirlvalerie@gmail.com for the swap. The cards will be due to her by Wednesday, August 31.

July Digital ATC Swap

01 July 2016 - 02:41 PM

Hello Scrapping Friends and fellow lovers of ATCs! I am so happy to report that my files have been restored – it took all of June to do so! Now my computer is busy backing up all the changes in where files have been moved. Enough of that … let’s move on to something fun!


This month on the 4th of July, in the USA we celebrate our nation becoming a new nation independent of any other country. It is typically celebrated with fireworks, parades, speeches, picnics, fairs and a whole lot of flag waving. While I know the 4th of July is unique to the United States of America, I know that every country has a history and celebration of when they became a nation and this month I’d like us to share our thoughts, feelings and celebrations of the land we love to live in. So join in and share some history from your “neck of the woods”!!


You may create as many cards as you would like, just please remember to sign and date each card. Upload them to the Artist Trading Cards - Digital & Hybrid Gallery and email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 ppi) to me at: scrapgirl.bride@gmail.com for the swap. The cards will be due to me by Thursday July 29th, and I'll try to send out the full collection by August 1rst.

May Digital ATC Swap

01 May 2016 - 08:59 PM

We all know the little line that "April showers bring May flowers" so for May I was thinking we could fill the ATC gallery with flowers - alpha style! Let's start A to Z and if we complete that we'll try for a second (and maybe a third?) round! Keep an eye on the thread and the first to call out a letter gets it, pick another letter after you complete and upload a card to the gallery. I will try to keep up with editing this first post with the names of people who have called out a letter - but sometimes I can only get to the thread once per day so please look through the posts ahead to make sure a letter has not already been called. Hopefully we can get two sets of flowers out of this!!

If you have never made an ATC (Artist Trading Card) before, here is a link: ATC Instructions. Please remember to sign and date each card. Upload them to the Artist Trading Cards - Digital & Hybrid Gallery and email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 ppi) to me at: scrapgirl.bride@gmail.com|

The cards are due to me by Friday, May 27th. I will get those back to you sometime that weekend!


So I'll get us started by calling out " F "


A - Lei                                             
B - Marie-Christine                                   
C - lovinthedigithing                                                              
D - Di                                                               
E - Lei                                   
F - Lei                           
G - Marilyn                                    
H - Jane                                    
I - lovinthedigithing                                      
J - Carla                                     
K - Jane                                    
L - Kelly                                     
M - Andrea

N - Ann

O - Diane

P - Ngaire

Q - Lei

R - Theresa

S - Kelly

T - Theresa

U - Diane

V - Ann

W - Ngaire

X - Ann

Y - Jane

Z - Kelly                                   

Second Round is on post #64, page 3.

Rustic Appeal Note Cards

30 April 2016 - 05:09 AM

Yesterday I had fun playing with paper and ended up with a sweet set of notecards using Cindy's Rustic Rustic Appeal Collection Mini

What a great little collection for making cards!