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In Topic: Weekend Wildcard Challenge: 7/23/16

23 July 2016 - 05:35 AM

Here is my layout:


New Desktop

In Topic: //Weekend Wildcard: 7/9/16 Patriotic Colors

09 July 2016 - 12:51 PM

Here is my layout, I spaced about posting it this am LOL!


Patriotic Clothes

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

30 June 2016 - 05:02 AM

Turns out the Captain was also unhappy about the mess we've made too. She had a little tantrum and threw nearly everything overboard!
Remove embellishments from your layout until you have only three left.
Post your layout in the
World Tour 2016 Gallery. This is worth one stamp on the passport.

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

29 June 2016 - 05:20 AM

The Captain found us, apparently she was unhappy at all the noise we've been making. I think all has been fixed, for now anyway. We have arrived in Rio de Janeiro, and there is a beach we can relax on.
Start a beach related layout.

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

27 June 2016 - 07:31 AM

Hi Ladies!!!


Here is today's task!!


Today we have been dropped off in the Amazon Rain Forest. I can't believe the Captain just left us here.
While we are waiting to be picked up, start a layout with TREES as your inspiration.