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In Topic: Totally Lost With Pse!

27 August 2014 - 01:49 PM

Do I fork over the dough for PSE or go with CA2 and have money left over to buy goodies for my album?

*OR* use the free CA and free GIMP and have even more money to buy goodies!  Then as time goes on and a big discount opportunity comes your way, you can purchase the program of your choice.


There is no shame in using more than one program to complete a project.  Professionals do it all the time.  That's why Adobe Creative Suite comes with several programs: Photo Shop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and more.


So for example, your work flow could be:

  1. buy some goodies from the Scrapgirls boutique
  2. bring them into GIMP and blend with photos
  3. bring blended photos into CA where you can easily build a multi-page photobook project

In Topic: Totally Lost With Pse!

25 August 2014 - 08:16 PM

I'd hate to end up going with Craft Artist, just because it's simpler... I know with time I could figure it all out myself, but I just don't have tons of time right now and really want to start my album for the year....the cost of the software itself is already pretty prohibitive for me right now.



Don't confuse Craft Artist with CA2.  Your free Craft Artist is on par with My Memories Suite.  CA2 is on par with PSE.
The 30-day free trial of PSE really isn't much time to learn the program AND complete your album, so you probably have to buy PSE in order to finish your album.
However, I do understand budgetary constraints.  May I suggest using the free CA you have already downloaded, and go download the free photo-editor, GIMP.  It's free, no trial period.  From what I've heard, it is a very powerful photo-editor on par with PSE.
Between using both CA and GIMP and Scrapgirls papers and embellishments (there are lots of freebies and $10 in the Boutique can go a LONG WAY), you have all the tools you need to make awesome pages without breaking the bank.
I sent you a PM.

In Topic: Photo Books

24 August 2014 - 04:00 PM

I can only speak for Shutterfly... they do allow for a full page picture, and those printed perfectly. So I imagine if you uploaded your pages as jpegs, it would work.

With pages that show text and photos, you ALWAYS have to adjust for the trimming and binding necessary for book-making.  Words right at the edge of the page will be cut off - it's just how the service ensures no white margin... they chop it off about 2mm into the picture.


When the pages are bound, anything on the bound edge is impossible to see unless you break the binding and no one wants that!


So it's safer to just move everything in towards the center to avoid being lost in the binding or the trimming.  A 4mm safety zone should suffice.

In Topic: My Memory Suite? Craftartist? Pse? Help With Software!

23 August 2014 - 03:14 PM

The Craft Artist website definitely seems to have evolved. There's a whole website called DaisyTrail that is very into it. I'm not sure if it's the official forum or not, but they're all into it and have tons of kits for it.

Definitely official.  In fact, right inside the CA program, there is a DaisyTrail Upload button.  When you click it, the program automatically uploads your project to the DaisyTrail gallery (provided you have registered to become a member there).  If you like to share your pages, this is kind of nice because they make it so simple.  You don't have to create a separate web sized JPG version on your own and then upload it as another step in the process.


PSE does have an official forum, but it is not associated with a digi-scrapping store, so the answer is NO, PSE does not come with any scrapbooking kits.  As Belle mentioned, PSE does come with some starter graphics.  I think you find them in the Content tab.


If you want great digital scrapping kits (and more!) specifically designed for PSE and PS, look at the Scrapgirls Boutique.  Get the newsletter and you'll be alerted to all sales and discounts.


Get some freebies.  Use the program to manipulate them into so many more different versions.

In Topic: My Memory Suite? Craftartist? Pse? Help With Software!

23 August 2014 - 06:35 AM

The free CA isn't a trial as such as it does not expire like the PSE trial version.  The CA forum must have evolved considerably over the years because it is very active now and questions are usually answered within hours, sometimes minutes.


The Scrapgirls forum is terrific for getting help on PSE and all things scrap related.  I think we have some Paint Shop Pro users here, too.