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Butterfly & The Bee

15 August 2014 - 02:17 PM

I found this 'funny' somewhere and thought that you gals would get a kick out of it.






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Trouble With Actions

28 July 2014 - 05:01 AM

I am using SNU Artistic Photo Masks 6301 Watercolor.  For some reason the action only goes so far and I'm left with a blank work space with marching ants.  A pop up asking for a pattern appears, but the pattern for that action does not appear.  Does anyone know how to install the pattern that came with the action?


Thanks for your help.

Text On A Curve

13 June 2014 - 06:53 PM

I know I've seen a tutorial on this somewhere before, but I can't seem to find it now.  Can someone direct me to the tutorial?

Color Ss Templates Using Pse11+

04 June 2014 - 07:36 AM

I'm trying to follow the instructions, but they are confusing.  First it states that 'after deleting current colors, click on "Add".  Next it says 'once the extra colors have been deleted'.  Which is it?  Current colors or extra colors.


First of all, when I download the swatch that I want to use, it doesn't show up in PSE12.  It's on my computer, but not in the preset manager.  Then I clicked on the 'add' button, however, I can't find the ASE file, even though it's on my computer. 


I don't know why I always have problems with these instructions.  Things just never seem to work for me.



Oh, I'm So Sorry

26 March 2014 - 01:44 PM

For all of us who are owned by Cats!




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