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In Topic: Sudden Focus Problem, Lens Broken? Help!

09 January 2014 - 05:03 PM

Crisis averted! You're going to laugh... Talk about a total brain fart!! To get the close-up pix, I zoom in almost all the way and *then* the nearest focus distance works for small close-up things (instead of just moving in closer physically). I guess I've always done it instinctively, because I think I bumped the lens lightly when I was adjusting the piece of jewelry and it pushed the lens in (so it wasn't zoomed anymore, it moves in really easily) and I could not for the life of me figure out what happened! Duh!!! Can't believe it was something that stupid, but since I don't have to buy or repair a lens after all, I can handle feeling dumb.


Thanks for the reply, as it did get me looking at my camera once again and messing with it, and figured it out. Not like I haven't been using it for over a year... :hit-head-with-hammer:

In Topic: What Font Is Deb Any Month Calendar Brush?

11 December 2013 - 05:59 PM

Century Gothic is what it said. Looks good! Thanks so much, and I bookmarked that site! very cool tool.

In Topic: What Font Is Deb Any Month Calendar Brush?

11 December 2013 - 11:37 AM

Thanks for the replies! I need to finish this project today, so I'll see what I come up with. Usually I don't try to match, I would counter it with a completely different kind of font instead, but keeping this simple and readable is my goal. Will check out that font matching site, sounds awesome!

In Topic: Mre Corner Rounder Action Which Files To Load In Pse11?

17 July 2013 - 04:12 PM

Hi! I'm getting ready to load actions in PSE11. I'm looking at my folder for MRE Corner Rounder, and I'm now confused. There is one ATN file in the main folder, called MRE_SSTools_Actions_CornerRound.atn. Then there are four ATN files inside a sub-folder, with similar names but "custom", "large", "medium", "small". The product preview just shows what I assume are the "large", "medium", "small". I don't think I ever got this action put into my old PSE either, so I've never used it, but looking forward to it!

Help? Thanks! :-)

Hi Jennifer. First, you want to be sure you are loading the PSE files and not the PS files that come with the product. You will want to load all four ATN files: custom, large, medium and small. When you want to use the action to round corners on an item, just choose which size you want. The "custom" action allows you to enter the number of pixels you want to use between 1 and 100. I usually just use the medium or large.

Note: When you use the action, you need to remember to first make a direct selection on the item you are rounding the corners of. To make a direct selection, activate the layer the item is on, then hold CTRL and click on the thumbnail of the image in the layers palette. You should see marching ants around the image. Then select which size corner rounder you want to use and click Play. You will see instructions pop up on the screen which will guide you through the process. HTH

Thanks! Got those four loaded. Time to play! :-)

In Topic: How Can I Get Product Preview Images For Discontinued Items?

17 July 2013 - 02:00 PM

I'm pretty sure I have the ones you have listed. I'll check and send you what I have.

I had all of them and sent you the images.

OMGosh April, thank you so much!!! :thankyou:/> I really appreciate it. Trying to get so I can use everything I own now on the new computer, and wanted to have a visual reference for the styles outside of loading them in PSE. I really don't know how/why I got rid of the previews for some of my older styles. Live and learn... :hit-head-with-hammer:/>