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In Topic: Getting Raw Photos To Show

20 February 2009 - 02:58 PM

I shoot in RAW and nothing else. I don't think I will every go back to JPEG, again.
I just have so much more control over my images.
I love crisp, clear, contrasted black and white images. So much easier to do with RAW!!

BTW...I use ACDSee Photo Manager Pro to manage pictures and images. Can do all of my RAW processing right in there...

In Topic: Backup To Ehd

12 February 2009 - 07:34 PM

There is such a tool in Vista. I was able to find an explanation of this tool and its location with screenshots on the web: http://www.vista4beg....com/Check-Disk
The answer to your second question...not usually if there are no applications involved.
If they are simply files, than the error has to do with the hard drive space itself and not what is on it.

If I was in your shoes, this is what I would do:
1. Backup everything on the drive (reads like you have that well under control)
2. Run the check disk tool and try to have Vista fix your hard drive
If it is successful, then you are good to go!
If it is not successful, then you can reformat your drive. (I promise that it is not as scary as it sounds!)
Reformatting your hard drive will usually clean up any hard drive problems you might have. Then you will be able to start using it again.

Hope that information is helpful!

In Topic: Big V-day Surprise!

11 February 2009 - 07:41 PM

I will try not to get too technical, but may have an option.
There is a compatibility option for all applications (executables).
It sometimes works for applications that are not Vista 64-bit compatible.
I have had success with a couple of programs.

Once you get the application installed, locate the executable file. (This is the file that actually runs the application.)
The extension is exe, and it is usually located at C:/Program Files/application folder/...
Right-click on the exe file, and select Properties
Select the compatibility tab.
Check the box under Compatibility Mode.
From the drop-down, you will have many other OS options from which you can work.
I usually start with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Vista will attempt to run the program as if it is the OS that you've selected.

This is not guranteed to work; however, I have had some success.
Good luck!!

Oh...I've attached a screenshot of the Compatibility tab of one of my applications as an example.

In Topic: Another Grrrr For Vista

22 January 2009 - 02:40 PM

Are you using IE or Firefox? If you are using IE, it may not be Vista but rather your browser. I use both, but prefer Firefox. It is a much more stable web browser.
I would definitely encourage you to try Firefox if you are not already using it!

In Topic: Linux Operating System

23 April 2008 - 07:28 PM

Her other option may not be appealing, but she could make her PC dual-bootable.
All that means is that she can run both Linux and Windows (not at the same time) on the same PC and only use the Windows portion when she wants to scrapbook.
It's not as hard as it sounds.