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Yesterday, 06:46 PM




So excited.  Anniversary and meet up at the same time.  Sounds like fun to me.  BTW I live so close that I could always run home for something someone forgets.  





We can get a little crazy - okay, crazier than usual - when there is a special SG event happening at the same time as the meetups.    I should check the chat schedule....  :gathering:

Word of advice... be cautious when you leave your laptop unattended  :giggle_bear:



LOL...that can be a dangerous thing



Oh, you all are hilarious and I am having such fun reading your thread!

And, OOoooohhhh..  I DO remember being on the other ends of those chats and all the laughing and funny things going on there.....  It was fun being at a chat with all of you there together!

(& that unattended laptop...  Seems people were "saying" things they really didn't MEAN to say, haha)


Marilyn, I can only imagine what you all thought "on the other side".....we were laughing SO HARD.  I think it started when I needed a bathroom break.  *note to self:  NO bathroom breaks during SG chats while at a meet up*

In Topic: October Recipe Swap

Yesterday, 06:41 PM

Great work ladies!  I have responded to each recipe I have received so far!  These look fantastic!

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Yesterday, 02:23 PM


In Topic: Midwest Meetup Fall 2014

Yesterday, 10:58 AM


Okay, I guess I better leave the bikini at home. I was thinking since it's Scrapgirls 10th anniversary and St Louis is celebrating 250 years, we could go on a cake walk. St. Louis has several 4 foot cakes around our area we are staying. It would be fun to seek them out. I'm not overly familiar with the area where we are meeting but I am pretty sure the local girls know where they are. I'm so excited to meet all of you.


That sounds like fun! I've done that in the past with benches in Rochester. Maybe we will spot some!


Do we have a list of arrival times yet? I don't mind hanging out at the airport until later flights arrive so there aren't too many trips to the airport. Does the Party Van have a plan yet?


This makes me laugh SO HARD.  The party van.  :partytime2:

In Topic: October Recipe Swap

Yesterday, 10:42 AM

ps.  Gary said with the recipe posted it sounds like they are going for a sweet bread with the brown sugar.  So a pumpkin, October fest, etc...basically a "sweet" beer would give it the best potential.  But anything would work, you may not get the taste results your looking for.

Gary to the rescue!   :)


I think pumpkin would give it a great flavor, although I wouldn't expect it to taste like regular pumpkin bread.