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In Topic: Still Having Trouble With Abr_frameit_edgy Templates

05 November 2007 - 11:30 AM

Thanks for the help! I'll give these suggestions a try. I appreciate it!

In Topic: Carbonite

03 November 2007 - 12:44 PM

I still save my psd's even after I've saved my layouts for printing and for the web (Using Ro's suggestions in her Secrets movies). I'm new and am currently finising my first scrapbook for my brother and his family about our trip to see them this summer. I've already found typos or other things I didn't like that I didn't notice until I printed. I'm planning on saving my psd's into the foreseeable future (they do take up lots of space) because I'm sure I'll want to go back and tweak things.

Can't wait until Carbonite backs up EHDs. I don't have much memory on my internal hard drive, so all my scrapbook materials are downloaded and filed on my EHD. Yikes!

In Topic: Having Trouble Putting Photos Into A Page Layout Template

03 November 2007 - 11:52 AM

Thanks Ro,
Yep, you were clear. Could you take a look at the product I'm having trouble with? ABR_SSDLOFrameIt_Edgy2_12x12_1. I can't find what you're talking about - the photo template. There is only the frame with the white picture frame and transparent middle. I looked through the other ones in this set of templates and don't see photo templates in those either. That's why I was so lost. I can find them in a product like AMC_SS_DLT_Pic-a-Plenty. I tried using the lasso tool to make a box the same shape to fit inside the frame, but the results were messy and didn't really work. Did I miss downloading something for this set of templates? I guess that's not the problem because each different layout in the set seems to have the same element missing. Thanks for any help on this.


When you Ctr+G, it takes the shape of whatever is below it. And so if you have the frame below the photo layer, it will take that shape which will make it transparent in the middle... (you are essentially cutting out the middle of your photo that way!

If you want to clip the photo to the correct size to go under the frame, find the shape in the template that is the correct size (there will be one), put your photo on TOP of it, size it correctly, Ctr+G and then merge the layers with Ctrl+E. You have to finish it off with Ctrl+E to get the clipping to "stick".

Then, you'll have your photo ready to go. You can slip it under your frame and it won't be transparent.

Another way is to simply resize the photo and slip it under the frame without using the clipping masks at all. The clipping mask (Ctrl + G over the photo shape for the item you are using and then merging the layers to the the shape just makes getting the photo sized correctly for that particular frame in that partcular template easier.

So remember, whatever you have under an item when you use the command Ctrl+G will determine what your layer will end up looking like.

If you have a frame under your photo, your photo will end up cut out like the frame.

Oh sigh... I hope that made sense. It would be so much easier if I could show you pictures!

Here's a tutorial in the University that may help.


As a note: In the tutorial I instruct you to turn off the layers you aren't using and then use Ctr+Shift+E to merge. That is just because it can confuse people at first when they start clipping and merging things. If you are only dealing with two visible layers, it can be a little eaiser to deal with. However, if you want to just highligh both of the layers you are going to merge, you only have to use Ctrl+E as I have told you about above.

Clear as mud?

That's why I made the Secrets movies. I am such a teacher type here. I far prefer showing people instead of trying to explain and hope that I haven't confused you further!

In Topic: Trying To Print True 8x8

24 July 2007 - 12:03 AM

Thank you! Thank you! The solution to that problem was going right over my head. Your help was just what I needed.

In Topic: Trying To Print True 8x8

23 July 2007 - 11:43 PM

Oh! Thanks a bunch! I'm using PSE4 - you're solution sounds easy. I'll give it a try.