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Old Frame Advise

05 August 2011 - 03:11 PM


first of all i'm sorry if this is on the wrong place, i'm very rusty at this, i've just started scrapbooking again after a looong break. i now have pse 8 which i'm just starting to get a grip with, i used to use ps but it seems like i know nothing at all now !! anyway, i still have some lo's in the gallery but not all the items/photos i used on them. i don't actually have the orginal uploads either so i can't interoogate that. i have a couple of questions that i'd like advise on if possible.

1. does anyone recognise the frames i used in this lo ? it will be a good 3 years old so i know it's a bit of a long shot...

2. can i get the images that are in my gallery back to my laptop ? i don't have any pictures of my daughter's first year except what's here.

thanks so much for any help you can give me

andrea (oh i can't even remember how to attach my siggy !!)

Thank You

19 March 2011 - 03:40 PM


I couldn't find another place to post this so i popped it in here...and anyway when i logged on i felt like a newbie !!

I wanted to say a huge thank to everyone that makes this place tick, the comments and the kindness that i've been shown are amazinf and having been away for a while, it's only now thta i really do appreaciate it all for what it is.

I've revisted occassionally but i couldn't think of a way to move on without having a PC or PS (something that went along with a painful relationship)...it felt to raw to be here, i guess i've come a long way from then.

i looked in my gallery and felt so proud of my LO's and my blogs. somehow i'd got lost and thought that none of it was very good. i now can't beleive that i was embarrassed by them, thinking i wasn't good enough.

If only i'd taken the time to write, then i may have got to this realisation quicker !! still, i'm pretty stubborn and slow to learn but eventually i do learn.

reading the comments on my lo's have truly inspired me and i'm looking into using GIMP until i can get a notebook and PSE...LOL


OMG i'm thanks rusty i can't remeber how to insermy signature !!

thanks again for being such a positive place, well done.