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Question For Any Sgs Who Are Napp Members

20 May 2009 - 12:34 PM

I've been looking at the onOne plug-ins, and of course, they're soooo expensive. :P What do I expect, huh? :P But I was wondering if any of you NAPP members could tell me what kind of NAPP discount you get for onOne software. I'm trying to decide if it will just as cost-effective to join NAPP and then look at buying an onOne program, or if I can get just as good a price without joining NAPP. Believe me, I'd love to join NAPP just because! But budget-wise, I can't do everything. Y'all know how it is. Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

Help! Looking For Impressionistic Brush In Cs4

30 April 2009 - 02:42 PM

OK, in PSE5, I had what I think was called an impressionistic brush. I could blur a background and the like. I am looking for the same effect in CS4. Can anyone help me? I've been trying to find it but so far haven't had any success. Any input is greatly appreciated! :)

Boutique Looking Different For Anyone Else?

29 April 2009 - 03:24 PM

Did the boutique change for anyone else this afternoon? I have been browsing looking for items in the Garden of Doom. Sometime, while I was looking this afternoon, everything became smaller - the type, the pictures, everything! Of course, it makes looking for things even more frustrating, because I have to squint at the pics MORE! :P Any help or advice appreciated!

I'm In Love With Design Packs!

27 March 2009 - 01:31 PM

I just love the ScrapSimple stuff, and the design packs are really nice - including several things on a particular theme! I am, also, a long-time style junkie. I noticed that, while SS alphas, paper, embellishments, etc. are regularly part of the design packs, the SS styles and actions never are. :( Any chance that one of you wonderful designers will make a pack to include a style or action? I figure it can't hurt to ask! :D

Driving Me Nuts - Someone Put Me Out Of My Misery!

06 February 2009 - 03:22 PM

Well, I'm trying to get some class homework done, and you would think that would be a simply task, especially seeing as the class is NOT a complicated class!!!!! I'm trying to create a LO and extract a part of my background to lie on top of my photo. I know how to do this precisely and easily in PSE5, but in CS4, the "precise" part of the technique is eluding me. (Hence, the "easy" part is null and void, as well!) CAN YOU TELL I'M FRUSTRATED?????? :mad-at-computer: I can use my magic selection wand to select. I can adjust the tolerance setting, check/uncheck the contiguous setting, and utilize the "refine edge" button; but so far nothing has allowed me to choose a brush and simply add to my selection. (This was how I did it is PSE5.) I don't want the quick selection tool, because it tries to be too smart and still selects things that I don't want. Being quite aware that PSE5 and CS4 are two very different animals, I went looking online for help - so far, to no avail. The only thing I've been able to do so far is allow the magic selection brush to select MORE than I want and then duplicate the layer and erase the parts I don't want. If this is how I must handle it in CS4 . . . fine. I'll get used to it. But I'm going bonkers :hit-head-with-hammer: trying to figure out how I can precisely ADD to my selection instead of having to duplicate it and then erase the excess.

If anyone has any insight, I'd be soooo appreciative.

Or . . . at the very least, put me out of my misery and tell me that it can't be done the way I want to do it!!!!! :banghead: