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Ps Cs6 Exteded Trial

08 March 2013 - 11:46 PM

I have PS CS6 and somehow an adobe cloud marketing trial of CS6 Extended got added on to my version. That trial ended and now I can't open CS6. I just got done with a chat with Adobe customer service rep....he doesn't know anything about it and I need to check back on Monday. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! I had plans for some projects tomorrow, including something I need for church Sunday morning. I can live without it, I have CS5 on my desktop and I could download and install CS6 on the desktop, but it irritated the daylights out of me at the close of our "sorry I can't help you" conversation that a canned "we're available 24/7" message came up. I'm going to sleep on it tonight, but i think in the morning I'll uninstall and reinstall and see if that takes care of the problem. Its the principle of it more than the actual problem. It will get worked out and I can work around it. Just had to vent to someone(s) who understand this sort of hassle. Thanks for understanding ears.

Pocket Life

10 January 2013 - 10:08 AM

Dear Designers,

I'm interested in your lovely pocket life products, and the templates, but I've started to scrap much more in the 8.5x11 format and would love if you could give us some great products in that size.

Your fan,