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Carbonite Vs Backblaze

24 April 2012 - 06:16 PM

Iím trying to choose between Carbonite vs Backblaze for online backup and have some questions.

First of all, I keep everything on one computer, so I donít need the capability for backing up EHDís. I have a large amount of data to back upó240 GB and counting.

I like the idea that with Backblaze you can choose to get your Ďrestoreí sent to you on flash drives or USB hard drives if you decide thatís what you want. I realize itís an additional charge, but with Carbonite, you have to pay more per month to get that feature, not just add it on when you need or want it. BB Ďspeaksí to great speeds, too; but who knows whether it is really different from Carbonite or not.

It looks like Carbonite has three pluses going for it. The first is that you can access and download files from your backups to remote computers. My understanding is that I could be on a friendís/sisterís computer and download some photos for them or show them a layout I made.

However, the main plus (as far as I can tell) is that Carbonite allows you more flexibility as to what folders or what drives are backed up and BB backs up everything for file types. I have two fixed disks on my computerómy main C drive that has all my operating software/applications and a separate drive for all of my documents. I would like to be able to back up all or most on the second drive and only my email files from my C drive. I donít want the backup to go browsing around my C drive all of the time. I do have copies of a few Ďdocumentsí still left on my C drive, and I also like to put things I donít want to back up on there as well.

Iím also interested in being able to change Ďwhení things are backed up (turn the auto-backup off & on), and I believe that Carbonite does allow this and I donít think BB does.

Can anyone tell me if my assumptions correct? Thanks so much!