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Sweetpea Flowers

20 October 2014 - 05:17 AM

Does anyone know of a kit in the boutique that has Sweet-pea flowers?


Thanks for any help. 

Tip For Photoshop And Saving For Web

12 May 2014 - 02:25 AM

I have been doing some researching on the web and playing around with saving layouts for the web because of a problem I have had happen with my files being too large if I just do "save as" after reducing size to the 600 x 600 and 72DPI.


If you want to embed the file info and yet use the "save for web", I have found a way to do it. 


When you are creating your page and you add the credits to the file info  which you find under "file", type your information in the "copyright" section.

Then when you have finished your layout and you have saved as a JPEG. You then bring that JPEG back into photoshop and as normal - reduce the size to the 600 x 600  72DPI. Then under file click on "Save for Web" .

Where it says "metadata" make sure it shows copyright or copyright and contact details.  Alter the size if necessary but most times you should not need to alter this.


When you upload to the gallery and then you go back to look.... all the information you typed is there under the EXIF.


This is for Photoshop CS and  you cannot do this with PSE.

Problem With Saving Layouts To Share In Gallery Using Cs6

09 May 2014 - 04:54 PM

During the last few months something has changed in my CS6. I can no longer use the File Info so my credits show up under the EXIF in the gallery.  When I save like I used to, I get a file that is around 450 - 500 KBs which is far too large for the gallery. 

As far as I know I have not changed any settings to affect this.

Hopefully someone who knows the software well might give me an idea of what might have changed in the settings to cause this. 


Thank you to whoever can help.