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Weekend Challenge 2/28

Yesterday, 10:42 AM

Throughout the week, you’ve been challenged to scrap about various metamorphoses and changes in your personal life and in the world around you. 
For today’s challenge, I want you to morph your actual photos.  Alter them in some way.   
Some ideas:  adjust the saturation, use blending modes, experiment with filters, or apply one of the many photo styles/actions available in the Scrap Girls boutique.  
Your layout should include at least one altered photo.  Feel free to use multiple photos or altering techniques if you want a bigger challenge.

Product Suggestions:
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Magical Photos PS
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Photo Transfers 6401 Super Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Black and White Magic 6301
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Soft Color 6301
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Sepia Magic 6301
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Bokeh 6401
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Comic LineArt
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Neon Art
(There are many more options in the Styles and Actions sections of the Boutique)
When you are finished please post your completed layout in the Weekend Challenge Gallery for all of us to see and leave a link here in this thread.

Weekend Challenge 2/14/15

14 February 2015 - 09:48 AM

We’re all here because we love scrapbooking and Scrap Girls.   :wub:

For today’s challenge, I want you to show your love and appreciation of Scrap Girls by scraplifting a layout by a team member - designer, layout artist, hybrid team, or welcoming committee.   

(The theme of your layout is up to you.)   
For an extra Valentine’s Day twist, I want you to also include a heart somewhere on your layout.  It can be large and prominent, or hidden as a small accent piece…whatever works best on your layout.
When you are finished please post your completed layout in the Weekend Challenge Gallery for all of us to see and leave a link here in this thread.

Also be sure to include a link to the layout you scraplifted!

Thursday Challenge - January 22

22 January 2015 - 10:25 AM

Did you know that your smartphone/tablet is a pocket-sized collection of scrapping inspiration?   You can read the Scrap Girls’ newsletter in your email app, visit the SG Forum with your cell’s web browser, find scraplift ideas on Pinterest, check out all your friends’ layouts in the Gallery or on Facebook, and read scrapbooking/art/crafting e-magazines.


For today’s challenge, we will be using our smartphones for inspiration.   More specifically, the background image on your phone.   Is it a photo you took, or a stock image provided by your phone’s manufacturer?  Either way, I hope it’s colorful!    This photo will determine the color palette for your layout.   Yes… this is a color challenge!  On a Thursday.  (Didn’t see that coming, did you? :giggle_bear: )


If your phone’s background image is a picture you took, you are welcome to use that on your layout as well, should you desire.



When you finish your layouts, post them to the Thursday Challenge Gallery and then share a link to your layout in the thread so we can see your colorful phone-photo-inspired layouts!





Thursday Challenge - January 8

08 January 2015 - 10:05 AM

In Tuesday’s newsletter, our guest blogger chose “Reflect” as her 2015 word of the year.  While she chose this word focusing on the new year, it inspired me to take an opportunity and look back on the previous year: the ups and downs, the major milestones and the small everyday occurrences. 


For today’s challenge, I want you to reflect back on 2014 and create a summary layout about your year.  What stands out the most in your mind when you think about 2014?

On your layout, I want you to use one of the free “Reflect” word art that our designers created for Tuesday's newsletter.   (If you forgot to download them, feel free to use your favorite font/alpha to create your own “reflect” word art.)

In addition, choose a layout template or photo cluster template to use as the basis of your page.  Alter your template to add room for journaling.  If you took advantage of this week’s template sale, now’s a great time to play with your new goodies!  


When you finished your reflection layout, post it to the Thursday Challenge Gallery.  Be sure to share a link with us here! 



Here is mine:  Reflect on 2014


What's New? 12/25-26

25 December 2014 - 11:37 AM

I wonder what the Scrap Girls elves... I mean, designers... have created for us this week!!


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