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Hooked In Raleigh, Nc

05 June 2008 - 07:35 PM

After receiving PSE6 for Christmas, I found myself overwhelmed by the complexity of getting to know a whole new world....just so I could touch up a few favorite photos. It took me a while but I finally stumbled onto the Scrap Girls site and now I'm completely hooked!!! I cannot believe all of the fun things I can now do I my computer! I have been logging as much time as possible trying to learn new techniques.

I have always loved all types of crafts, but told myself that scrapbooking wasn't for me; boy was I wrong! I really think that it was just the paper scrapbooking that wasn't for me since I am an organizational nut and didn't like the idea of all those supplies lying around (not that they can't be organized...it was just the vision in my head).

Since my revelation, I have pulled in my mom and some friends into this great site/world. My mom and I are having so much fun that we have already signed up for the convention. I can't wait!

Thank you all for the support, great products, tutorials, and daily newsletters (especially your muses Ro).