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In Topic: Cat products ?

Today, 05:37 PM

Thao had a 4x6 ScrapSimple Digital Layout Template Set named Creative Cat, and I think there was also a Creative Cat Collection Biggie.

I know she also had a collection named Doggy Tales. HTH :)

In Topic: Upgrading to new PSE Organizer

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

That's great and good news, thanks for letting us know!   :)


In PSE I use:  Enhance> Adjust Color> Adjust Hue & Saturation, it works for me - I never used color variations even though my PSE 6 had it!



I also use the Hue Saturation. I don't even know what colour variations is.


Same here. I almost always use Hue/Saturation. Color Variations is available in my PSE 11, but I seldom use it. :)

In Topic: Hello from Germany

22 October 2016 - 05:12 PM

Hello and welcome to Scrap Girls! We'll be looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your creations. :)

In Topic: Disappearing Blinkies

22 October 2016 - 01:19 PM

I agree with Carla. :disappearing-smilie:  Gremlins are at it again. :disappearing-smilie:  Marilyn, I see four of your five blinkies. Laraine I see three out of four of your blinkies. April, only three are showing for you. Theresa I see four of five blinkies. Conda, four of five of yours. :dunno:


Just noticed that one of mine is no longer showing. And I know that is an old blinkie from way back 'when Hector was a pup'. And it was my favorite one as it had butterflies on it. :monstercry:  Please bring it back.

Carol, here's what I see for you:

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The first blinkie has butterflies on it - is that the one you are looking for?  If so, it's there - you may not be able to see it and I guess some other people don't see it, but I do see it.

I agree with you and Carla - the Gremlins are at it again. 

In Topic: Disappearing Blinkies

21 October 2016 - 09:49 AM

Here's what I see on my PC:



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