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What's New 4-28-16

28 April 2016 - 06:04 PM

Lots of great new products this week!


Here's a lovely collection from Veronica:


VJS-ChasingTime-Collection-MKT-200.jpg  Chasing Time Collection


VJS-ChasingTime-EMBMini-MKT-200.jpg  Chasing Time Embellishments Mini Clusters


VJS-ChasingTime-Papermini-MKT-200.jpg  Chasing Time Paper Mini


VJS-ChasingTime-PocketLifeV1-MKT-200.jpg  Pocket Life: Chasing Time Mini Kit Vol 1


VJS-ChasingTime-PocketLifeV2-MKT-200.jpg  Pocket Life: Chasing Time Mini Kit Vol 2


xctmpWhxGFc.jpg  Value Pack: Chasing Time



New Pretties Today 4-21-16

21 April 2016 - 03:51 PM

Our designers are spoiling us again with all of their beautiful creations!


Love these sweet things from Carolyn:

xctmpzCG3Wd.jpg  Ride Em Cowboy Planner Kit


xctmpursdXF.jpg  Proud as a Peacock Planner Kit


xctmpjOMgd0.jpg  Proud as a Peacock Collection Biggie


xctmptrZNRg.jpg  Proud as a Peacock Papers 2


xctmpCvGeNj.jpg  Proud as a Peacock Alphas 2


xctmpD8QrMC.jpg  Proud as a Peacock Embellishments: Frames


xctmp56mS4T.jpg  Value Pack: Proud as a Peacock




Come See What's New! 4-14-16

14 April 2016 - 07:00 PM

Love these new pretties from Syndee:

xctmp6yvXN6.jpg  Brush Set: Watercolor Flora


xctmpY0RlLZ.jpgWatery Watercolors Embellishment Mini


New Goodies! 4-7-16

07 April 2016 - 03:38 PM

I love what our designers have for us this week!


Cindy's Watercolor Collection Mini is so pretty - love the colors!

xctmpURfk1m.jpgSpringtime Watercolor Collection Mini


Cool new products from Jopke:

xctmpMH9qy7.jpgThe One: Ink Drip Flowers No. 1


xctmpTx9yWx.jpgThe One: One Fine Day

Come See What's New This Week! 3-31-16

31 March 2016 - 04:52 PM

Our talented designers have showered us with so many beautiful new things this week! Check out these beauties from Veronica:


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_Collection_MKT-200.jpIts Only Natural Collection


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_EMBMini_MKT-200.jpg Its Only Natural Embellishments Mini Clusters


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_PaperMini_MKT-200.jpgIts Only Natural Paper Mini


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_PocketLifeV2_MKT-200. Pocket Life Its Only Natural Mini Kit Vol 2


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_PocketLifeV1_MKT-200.Pocket Life Its Only Natural Mini Kit Vol 1


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_SSStyles_MKT-200.jpg  ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Its Only Natural


VJS_ItsOnlyNatural_EPP_MKT-200.jpgEasy Page Pro Album: Its Only Natural Super Mini


xctmp0SGII1.jpg  Value Pack: Its Only Natural


I love, love, love Syndee's pretty watercolor flowers!


SNU_WaterFlowers_MKTG.jpgWatercolor Flowers Embellishments


Carolyn has this great Movie Night Collection:

xctmpnykg0G.jpgMovie Night Collection Biggie


xctmpxGffmi.jpgMovie Night Papers Mini


xctmpww8Uml.jpg  Movie Night Wordart Mini: Movie Tickets


xctmpezGJ61.jpgMovie Night Embellishments Biggie: Frames


xctmpyuXGXQ.jpgValue Pack: Movie Night


This collection from Ginny just jumped right into my cart:

xctmpifsh42.jpg  Beauty In Bloom Collection


Here's a beautiful super mini collection from Jopke

xctmpsMiK9m.jpg  The One: Mixed Media Mini 1 Collection Super Mini


Be sure not to miss these beauties from Valentina:

xctmpMmEzvV.jpg  Purple Glory Collection Biggie


xctmps0WkAc.jpgPurple Glory Cluster Embellishment Mini


xctmpuwh55C.jpgPurple Glory Border Embellishment Mini


xctmpS4INge.jpgEasy Page PRO Album: Purple Glory Super Mini


xctmpgWGDgI.jpgValue Pack: Purple Glory



This collection from Sekada is so sweet:

xctmpLBtr9d.jpgSpring Eggs Collection


xctmpgNu7UD.jpgSpring Eggs Embellishment Mini Cluster


xctmpxvkTKs.jpgEasy Page Pro Album: Spring Eggs Super Mini


xctmpbXYH82.jpgValue Pack: Spring Eggs