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In Topic: Newbie Needs Help Help Help!

17 January 2012 - 09:44 PM

Hi Barbara - Thank you for being so quick with assistance :) I could not get this to work either. When i drag it over, it goes to whatever location i drop it at. However I do like the idea that once it is created to save it as a PSD then I have it for future use. I'll create my own PSD template files then I'll be good to go!! Great idea! Thank you so much! Have a great evening!

In Topic: Newbie Needs Help Help Help!

16 January 2012 - 11:12 PM

Hi - I'm new to posting in this forum so I'm not sure if I can reply to this post and hopefully get help, or maybe the original post is to old? But I'm having problems using Blocky1, Blocky2, etc. I open all of the pieces to Blocky1, created a new 12x12 blank, transparent, 300dpi file as per the instructions above. When I drag the pieces onto my blank file they all go to the middle of the page. I try the Shift-Click-Drag and it still goes to the middle of the file - all of the pieces go to the middle, instead of where they are intended to go. Not sure what I could be doing wrong - I'm using PSE5. I'd appreciate any guidance you can give me cuz I'm totally stuck on this one. I've worked with other templates, so I'm really surprised I can't get this to work.

Thanks in advance - Barb