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Photo Oayouts

13 November 2013 - 04:43 PM

A while back I'm sure I bought this kit. Can't remember what it's called. Therefore can't find it. Heck willing to buy it again.
It'a a template so that you can print mulitple sizes of your picture. Like when you buy a school photo they give you a sheet that has 2 5*7 on it. Well I thought we sold it. I can't find it under page templates so if anyone can help I would appreciate it!!


22 September 2013 - 12:19 PM

Found my old files from old hard drive. Trying to install to the new computer but where do I find the metadata file? I can't seem to find it. Sorry forgot to mention i'm using PSE 9 on windows 8

New Computer

22 September 2013 - 10:45 AM

I just remembered that on my old computer I had changed the layers folder in PSE to add the tools I had purchased at SG. But what other folder could I have possible changed from purchases I have made. What folder does SG Scripts go under. \I only hope that I can get them. My old hard drive is having difficulty to get things from. It's ridiculous.
Thanks for any help any of you can provide me.
Now that I have a new computer I was even thinking about getting PSE 11 for Christmas. Do any of you use the Pre 11? do you use it a lot.
TIA for any tips or advice.

BTW I'm on windows 8 now and I'm finding it hard to find things. Mind you I just got my computer day before yesterday. I also have a scrapbooking weekend to go to next weekend so I Hope to get all my files set up before I go!!