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26 September 2008 - 09:31 PM

I was a MAC person for years, then my office forced me to go PC for about 10 yrs. I just retired in March and for the last year had the great privilege of working on a grant that used all Mac laptops with 8 high schools comibining technology and reading intergration. Most of the participants had never used a MAC and by the end of the grant almost all 150 teachers I had been training all year were MAC converts. We taught them how to work with images, video editing and lots of other great tech stuff. For retirement I purchased myself a 17" high resolution glossy MacBook Pro maxed out with as much as I could afford. Macs are terrific for anything in the graphics field and wonderful also with video editing. I've used both but feel the Mac just gives an overall better output. It all boils down to personal preference in the end. My husband has a Toshiba 15" with Vista. I don't really like Vista but his PC is pretty cool although he doesn't have any of the higher end products that I use. He just surfs the web and emails mostly.

I would second the opinion that you need as much RAM as you can afford. I went with a little bit smaller HD so I could get a faster RPM drive. I only put 1 GB of RAM installed but will add another pretty soon. I have several external HDs. A 500 GB, another 500 GB that is strictly doing hourly backups over my wireless network. I also have a 250 GB and I just purcased a few months ago a 320 GB PORTABLE drive which I love. It is