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Deb C.

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Yosemite, Pse 12 And Pre 12

29 October 2014 - 01:40 PM

I bought PSE/PRE 12 a few months ago but couldn't install it because I still had Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro.  I finally made sure I backed up everything and upgraded to Yosemite.  


My questions are:


1.  Apple wasn't sure PSE/PRE 12 would work with Yosemite.  They said 13 would work, but wasn't sure about 12.  Anyone already using them together?  Any problems?


2.  Right now, I have PSE/PRE 9 on my MacBook Pro and I think I would like to keep it on there, at least for awhile.  So, do I just put in the version 12 disk and install it like normal?  It won't override version 9?


3.  I remember when I upgraded to PSE 9, there were choices that you could install and there were two icons for Elements.  I just chose one but I'm not sure I chose the right one because some of the things never worked correctly (such as importing photos - I couldn't choose where to download them to.  If I tried to change the location, it would close on me.  Also, my backup never worked, so I don't have a backup except for the manual backup I have for my pictures on my EHD.)  So......if there are choices on version 12, how do you know which elements to choose?  (Hope that makes sense.)


4.  Do the pictures just automatically show up in the version that you are using at the moment?  Or do you have to import them to the new version?  


I've never done this before, so sorry for all the questions.


Deb C.

Wacom Tablet

10 August 2014 - 10:53 PM

I was thinking about trying a Wacom tablet.  I would only use it to edit photos and in scrapbooking.  I do NOT design anything.  


Does anyone use a tablet such as this?  Would it be useful if you are not actually designing?  Easier than using your mouse?  Which one would you recommend?  


I know nothing about them, so would appreciate any help.



Deb C.