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Installing PSE 13 on a Mac

30 November 2016 - 11:24 PM

Was wondering if anyone had any problems installing PSE 13 on a Mac running Yosemite?  Does PSE 13 seem to play well with Yosemite?


A couple of questions about installing:


1.  If the pictures in your organizer are located on an EHD, do you need to have your EHD plugged in when you install PSE 13?  Otherwise, your pictures will not be "connected."  


2.  I have read that when you have Yosemite, you need to uninstall your preferences before you actually open PSE for the first time.  Did anyone have to do that?


Thanks for your help.


Deb C.

Macbook Pro running Yosemite

PSE 9 and PRE 9

PSE 13 (ready to install)


Installing Pse 13

28 December 2015 - 03:05 AM

I have a MacBook Pro, running Yosemite.  I am wanting to install PSE 13 and have never switched to a new version before.  I understand you need to be sure all your photos and scrapbooking elements are "connected."  So, that being said, if you have photos/elements located on an external hard drive, those items will not be "connected" unless you have the EHD plugged into your laptop.  So.....when you install the PSE software, are you supposed to have the EHD plugged into your computer?  Or does that even matter?


This is probably a very basic question but I'm a little nervous about doing this correctly.


Also, is it advisable to keep two programs on the same computer?  (such as PSE 9 and PSE 13)  The reason I might want to do that is that I also have Premiere Elements 9, but don't have that for 13. I am assuming that the program 9 will not work with 13.  Does anyone know?



Deb C.