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Stained Glass Or Kaleidoscope?

06 April 2010 - 04:05 PM

Are there any templates that look like stained glass? Or maybe an action that will make stained glass look or the look of a kaleidoscope? This might be a tough request. I'm certainly no designer so I don't know if this is possible. Has anyone out there thought of either of these effects? Thanks for considering. Judy

Resizing Photos

03 April 2010 - 10:41 PM

I noticed in some of Ro's tutorials she resized pictures and when doing so I think changed the resolution to match.? The majority of my digital pictures come up as W 5.333in. x H 4in. (your typical 4x6 photo I guess) and 1600x1200 pixels at 300dpi. Let's say I wanted to make a picture really big on my 12x12 LO or even fill the whole page- how do I do that and still have the picture look good when my page is printed?The only thing I know for sure about changing the size of my photos is to hold the alt button down on my MAC while dragging the corner of the photo so it doesn't get distorted. Can you resize a photo so it is not proportionately the same as the original (ie. 6x4 to a 12x8) without getting distortion?
When I go into image>image resize I see the pixels and the inches etc. but there is also 'scale styles' and 'resample'(which has its own sub-catagories like bilinear, bicubic, etc.. What is all that? And do I really need to know? Thanks in advance. Judy

Help Using Melissa Renfro's Faded Lotemplate

03 April 2010 - 07:55 PM

I have MRE_Faded Layout template. It didn't come with explicit instructions for this particular template but said it works like any other template. Well, I'm just now practicing and getting the hang of templates so maybe it's just me. They don't all seem to work the same way. I've even watched different tutorials that show different techniques for different templates. I'm confused. I clip the picture to the mask and I believe I'm suppose to see the background paper showing through the black part of the template and the photo looking like it's fading into the paper. It's just not working for me. Any help would be appreciated. Judy

Installing Bmu_Action:mirror Relflection Mini 8501

31 March 2010 - 02:11 PM

I just bought Brandy Murry's action, Mirror Reflection. I use PSE6 on MAC. I followed the installation instructions to the letter and I do see the .png and .atn files in my photo effects folder but when I open PSE it doesn't show that it is updating and the action is not there. Is this one of those installations where you have to do something with the mediadatabase? The particular instructions for installing the action on PSE6 for MAC that came with the action did not say anything about this but I know I've had to the past. If you could help me understand this also- why do some things I install in PS require that you change the mediadatabase- I forget if it's necessary with actions,scripts,etc. And why in one set of instructions did it tell me to drag the mediadatabase to the trash but in other instances it had me just rename it MediadatabaseOLD? My problem with that was the second time I had to do it I already had a file MediadatabaseOLD so I renamed it MediadatabaseOLD2. Is that okay ? I now have 2 files-Mediadatabase.db3 and MediadatabaseOLD.db3. Can I delete one of these safely?? Also, why do some Styles go into locale>en_US>PhotoCreations>layer styles while other get installed into AdobePhotoShopElements>Presets>Styles. Thanks for helping out a technically challenged scrapper! Judy
P.S. I just noticed my newly installed SNU_chipboard style is not in PSE when I open it either! I've done this many times before-what am I doing wrong this time?

How To Use Templates

22 March 2010 - 05:05 PM

I understand templates enough to know they are pretty much an easy way to do a layout without thinking too hard. You don't have to use everything that comes with it though, right? I ssume you can customize by leaving some elements out or moving things around so they are not exactly where they are in the example? By the way, why do they come with individual pngs for every little thing in the template but then also a .jpg file and a .psd file?Most importantly, how do I put pictures in there. I think you put a picture over the png and clip it somehow. How do I do that in PSE6 on the MAC? Can I also clip papers to any of the pngs I want? How do I resize the pictures to fit and change the pictures to fit odd shapes? Also, I just noticed I have some that only come with one big png like Comic3 and Agency4, so how do I fill in the individual section with pics and papers. Thanks, Judy