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20 January 2009 - 11:02 AM

Hi my name is (mommy..or thats all i can every remember being called lol) Monica wife to Steve mommy to 3 beautiful girls Sarah 6yrs, Rebeca 3yrs, Rachel 2 mnths

What I love most is my hubby and my princesses. But before they came in to my life I lived for all crafts, Quilting, painting, drawing. Now that I have kids I scrapbook and love it very much but on a very tight budget its very hard. So i was thinking of didgi scraping but I need to be able to do it cost effectively. I need to find out what printer is the best for printing and what printers don't have chips in the ink cartrages so I can refill them . I have the adobe photo shop 7 but haven't installed it yet. looking forward to meeting everyone here. I have been receiving the news letter for more than a yr and didn't think to download all the great downloads in the letters lol silly me!

We live in beautiful Ontario Canada We love every season.