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Yesterday, 10:44 PM

I forgot to post.  Enjoy I Wish You Enough.

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16 August 2014 - 02:45 PM

I've learned to watch for and unselect all additional options when installing or updating ExtractNow; then it's fine.


For some programs, you can change the icon by right-clicking the symbol, choose properties, and then Change Icon.  This is not the case for ExtractNow, but I did re-learn out how to do it for extractnow or any other program.  (I'd done it many moons ago for something else.)


Instructions based on Windows 7:


1.)  First, find the .ICO file you'd like to use instead of the default icon.  Note its location in a notepad file, e.g. C:\Users\Barbara\Documents\Axialis Librarian\Objects\Milky Icons\Sample6.ico.  NOTE:  Many icons are "buried" inside DLLs and are not easily accessible.  You need a true .ICO file for this technique.


2)  Click Start, Run, Regedit.exe on your computer.  If you are not familiar with editing your registry, the FIRST task is to go to the top of the left panel and click on Computer.  Then click File, Export, Choose a location if you want to change the default, and give your registry export a name, such as "2014_0816_RegistryBackup" and proceed.  Let it fully back up.


3)  AFTER you've backed up your registry, click Edit, Find in the registry editor, and type ExtractNow.  Then use F3 to find subsequent occurrences.  You may need to OPEN the folders on the left.  You are looking for an ExtractNow/DefaultIcon folder:  Attached File  ExtractNow1.JPG   40.01KB   0 downloads  This key was in Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ExtractNow\DefaultIcon on my computer.


4)  Once you find it and select it, double-click the word "Default" on the right-hand pane, in the Value column.  Copy the Value Data to your notepad file, and save it, in case you change your mind.


5)  Change the Value data to the new icon file location string, such as C:\Users\Barbara\Documents\Axialis Librarian\Objects\Milky Icons\Sample6.ico.  Attached File  ExtractNow2.JPG   29.64KB   0 downloads

Click OK and close the registry.  Power down and re-boot your computer.  Voilá!  The icons are now what you chose.  Here's my example:  Attached File  ExtractNow3.JPG   20.16KB   0 downloads


If you blunder in your registry, (please don't) Microsoft has great instructions for both Backup and Restore of your registry.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322756. 


Hope this helps!

In Topic: Torn Paper Template

07 August 2014 - 06:36 PM

Some techniques and colors of paper look better with other blending modes.  I always end up cycling through most of them to find the best choice.


Please include a link to the specific product you purchased, as I found "Ripped" or "Torn" but not the two titles together.  Maybe we can help more if we know which product.  Hope so.


That said, it's not clear Belle used an SSPaper on that layout.  You might send her a message to ask.  I think the paper came prefinished.

In Topic: Coloring Photo Mask

04 August 2014 - 09:01 PM

I knew I had an example.  I did this for a tutorial, that I think I never submitted for publication.  (silly me.)  There are multiple masks here, and paper layers.  Enjoy!

Attached File  2003_ScoutsLearnWaterRescue_z_600.jpg   399.19KB   1 downloads

In Topic: Coloring Photo Mask

04 August 2014 - 08:47 PM

Another suggestion is Clip a colored paper to the Mask, and then clip the photo to the colored paper layer.  Works great, and you can add a pattern to the mask.  i couldn't find the example where I did both, but here's an example of the colored paper clipped to the mask, at least.