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In Topic: Question About Psd And Tiff Files

Today, 04:43 PM

I went searching again, and in the Luminous Landscape Forum, these folks made the case for TIFF - 6.0 layered files: "Everything that can be saved in a PSD can also be save in a layered Tiff-6.0 file format...everything, paths, channels, layers, transparency, layer effects" and that it is better for archival purposes because it's a documented format. HOWEVER...


I did a little testing in PS CS4 (yes, not current.)  I can save as TIFF, but it does not indicate what version of TIFF it's using.  Also, in CS4, the option to save transparency is disabled.  Attached File  Capture.PNG   33.25KB   0 downloads


I added a layer mask with transparency gradient to a test file, saved to a TIFF, and and then opened the TIFF.  The transparency gradient WAS NOT RETAINED IN THE MASK!  The layer that had the gradient mask applied now has a solid black mask, which means that the layer does not show at all in PSD. 


The good news is that the thumbnail and image in Picasa looked right.  Then I reopened the file is PS CS4, now the layer mask shows.  I have not idea why reopening the file gave different results, and I don't trust it yet.


I looked at the File Info for the file, and it does NOT say what version of TIFF it saves in.  So at least in PS CS4, I cannot recommend TIFFs for PSDs that use transparency.  :-( 


IF and WHEN I can upgrade PS to the current release, I'll try it again.  Hope this helps.

In Topic: Question About Psd And Tiff Files

Yesterday, 06:43 PM

I'm interested in this, also.  Layered TIFFS seem to retain most of the characteristics, and are often smaller than PSDs.  Anybody have experience here?  I'll try to research if I get time, but would love to hear some experience.

In Topic: Saving Embellishments

06 December 2014 - 02:35 PM

I also create "full pages" an upload to MyPublisher.

In Topic: Hello From Colorado

06 December 2014 - 12:18 AM

Hi Sondra, welcome to Scrap Girls!  I'm also from Colorado.

In Topic: 2014 Cookie Recipe Card Exchange

29 November 2014 - 02:24 PM

Thank you, Angie, for the template--adding it to the other great templates you've given us over the years!