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Touch Monitor instead of graphic tablet?

30 August 2016 - 08:51 PM

I've tried tablets, and they don't work well for me.  My hands need to go back and forth from keyboard to tablet, and I'm never in the right place.  If my keyboard is right, the tablet is too far to the side, and hurts my shoulder and elbow.


I'm now looking seriously at a "reclining touch screen monitor" where I can put the keyboard right below it. (lined up with screen.)  Here is a picture from a Microsoft academy training video:

Attached File  tilted monitor.PNG   145.62KB   2 downloads


The gray-haired guy is in Denver, so I've met him, and he loves this setup.  Screen is touch, AND he has a keyboard (and mouse if he wants it.)  He can speak to my needs as a software developer.


I've injured my right wrist, and am terrible with left-handed mouse control, so I'm looking at a setup like this.  Does anyone have any experience with this in applications like Photoshop?  (It's different from working in MS Visual Studio!)  These monitors are a little pricey, so I might do two side-by-side 20" monitors instead of a 24 or 27". 


p.s.  I know that nearly vertical touch screens are tiring for me after just a few minutes.  I'm not looking to "draw" on it, but use my hands instead of a mouse, especially for right-click or CTRL C/CTRL V actions.


What do you think?  Comments welcome.

Want Faster Thumbnails?

07 August 2016 - 06:14 PM

I always hate looking for something in my stash and waiting to see thumbnail images painted, especially when I've set them to be Large or Extra-Large.  Fortunately PC World did an article on making them FAST, and wow, does it work well!  It especially helps when images are stored on an external drive, which normally paints _slowly_.  In doing housekeeping, Windows deletes the thumbnail caches too readily.


Here is the link to the article, http://www.pcworld.c...d-try-this.html


I'm going to try to create simpler directions.  My directions are in Windows 10, but this works in Windows 7 & 8 also.  I've done screenshots ONLY of the key sections; the PC World article shows complete screens.


First, make a System Restore Point, just in case you want to go back or "make a mistake."


Open File Explorer.  On the VIEW tab, check the box for HIDDEN ITEMS on the right side--you want to see them.


Next go to: C:\Users\YOUR_accountname\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer.  This folder is normally hidden; you can also type the address explicitly to go there if you don't un-hide hidden items or if you don't see it.

Attached File  HiddenItems.PNG   49.21KB   0 downloads


On the HOME tab, Click on PROPERTIES.  Go to the security/permissions tab, and click the button for ADVANCED, which opens the ADVANCED SECURITY SETTINGS window for the location above.


At the lower left, click ADD...


On the PERMISSION ENTRY WINDOW displayed, click "Select a principal." 

Attached File  PermissionEntry.PNG   10.9KB   0 downloads


In the Object Name window, type System (case does not matter.)

Attached File  UserorGroup.PNG   7.72KB   0 downloads , then click OK.  You can "Check Names" first if you like.


On the pulldown RIGHT below "select a principal", Switch to DENY.

Attached File  Deny.PNG   8.28KB   0 downloads


Then on the right-side, click SHOW ADVANCED PERMISSIONS.

Attached File  Advanced.PNG   1.21KB   0 downloads


In the second column, CHECK ON both DELETE and DELETE SUBFOLDERS and FILES.  No need to touch anything else!

Attached File  DeletePermissions.PNG   58.04KB   0 downloads


Click OK to dismiss these windows (three times for me.)


You are done!


The first time into a folder, it will still take a little time to paint the thumbnails, and you'll want to scroll through it doing all of them.  But then, when you go out of the folder, and back in, you'll be astonished at how fast you see your images!  It also retains speed if you change the view to LIST or DETAILS, and then back to LARGE ICONS again.  Enjoy!