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In Topic: June Recipe Swap

13 June 2009 - 12:23 AM

I can accept chocolate as a veggie. So is pumpkin pie....

In Topic: May Atc Swap/chat --- Come Join Us For Our Numbers! You Can Do As Many At...

28 May 2009 - 01:15 AM

1 - Vaughnde One Lamb
2 - happy99 (Victoria) 2 Precious
2 - kayoft (Kay) 2 Unexpected Visitors
3- SkRiders (Roz) ATC of Doom!
4- SandyFeet (Sandy) Four Adorable
5 - tzigane70 ___________________________
6- Sherry_Lynn _________________________
7- Bride (Lei) Seven Swans a-Swimming
8 - Angdrumm (Angela) Eight Elephants
9- Julie-Scrapaholic Nine Designers
10- kayoft (Kay) Ten Tiny Toes
11-SkRiders (Roz) Apollo 11
12 - no-idea (Karen) _______________________
13 - lyndagilles (Lynda) _____________________
14- SandyFeet (Sandy) Fourteen Tulips
15- Vaughnde Fifteen Soaps
16- lovinthedigithin (Steph) Sixteen Candles
17-Jane in N.Z 17 Pelicans Waiting
18- lorac (Carol) 18th Street Trees
19- kayoft (Kay) 19 Lions' Heads
20- lorac (Carol) 20 Dollar bill
20- AnnBK Twin Tee ... (I like your sense of humor! smile.gif
21- CRS (Carla) 21 Gun Salute
22 - MLLatscrapgirls (Mary Lou) _________________
23- kayoft (Kay) 23rd Psalm
24- Happy99 24 Luscious Colors
25-Vaughnde 25 SG Sticker Freebies
26- Lorac (Carol)_______________________________
27-Patsy (27th Ammendment)
28- kayoft (Kay) Twentyeights Parrot
29- kayoft (kay) 29 Cherries
30-Jane in N.Z Big Ben
31- SkRiders (Roz) 31 Flavors
32- kayoft (Kay) 32 Degrees
33 - Angdrumm - Angela - Marco Melandri
34- Lorac (Carol)____________________________________
35-Vaughnde- 35lb Catfish
36-YiaYia (DeeDee) __________________________________
37- kayoft (Kay) Telephone
38-Vaughnde Lake City MN 38th Annual Water Ski Days Festival
39-Jane in N.Z. 39 Books in Old Testament
40-Jane in N.Z. -Waitangi day
41-Jane in N.Z.-lattitude 41 Wellington
42-Patsy dominos game
43- Vaughnde Licor 43
44-Ngaire Housie
45- kayoft (Kay) 45th Parallel
47-Vaughnde Edwards Myth of Number 47
48-Jane In N.Z. _48 European Countries
49- kayoft (Kay) Alaska
50- Jane in N.Z. -50 and loving it.
51.YiaYia (DeeDee)
55. kayoft (Kay) Steel Drum Band
59.Jane in N.Z.
60.Kayoft(kay) 60 Seconds/Minutes

Thought about a lot of different directions for 55 but when I was out checking on the goats I noticed the 55 gallon drum we used to store mollasses for the goats. We had just disposed of the mollasses because we switched their feed and now we have an empty barrel. However, I won't be turning the barrel into a steel drum and joining up with a band any time soon.

In Topic: May Atc Swap/chat --- Come Join Us For Our Numbers! You Can Do As Many At...

28 May 2009 - 12:38 AM

#36 is up in the gallery. It's my first ATC and so much fun to do! Thanks for the encouragement.

In Topic: May Atc Swap/chat --- Come Join Us For Our Numbers! You Can Do As Many At...

26 May 2009 - 05:34 PM

Hey - this looks like fun! I'll take 36!

In Topic: Newbie From Oregon

26 May 2009 - 09:48 AM

Hello and Welcome to Scrapgirls!!!

You might want to check the size of the file you were trying to upload.
When we upload layouts to the gallery we usually change them to 72dpi

Thanks, Shelbi. I got it figured out and loaded my first 2 layouts. I think the problem was I was trying to load a PNG file. I tried a JPEG and it worked fine.

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome! I think I'll enjoy it here!