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In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

Yesterday, 10:23 AM

Things to take with me on the hike:


1. Definitely, a Kindle from the Book Club Collection.

2. A camera is another good idea, ans there's a really pretty one on the Painterly Paradise Collection

3. With my feet, a hike definitely calls for hiking boots, like on this Take a Hike Collection.

4. There's also a backpack in #3, but I also like the one in the Classified Collection. It's got pretty colors.

5. Maybe a tent, like the one in the Campfire Collection? You never know about the mountains.



Sorry to be monopolizing the board.

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

Yesterday, 10:03 AM

I'm really behind, so I may skip around a little. I'd have left love on the layouts anyway, but here's the latest five:


WT Ireland

Luxor Hotel

Plitvice Lakes

Blarney Castle

World Tour LO 3 Ireland

and one for good luck, since so many of these are Ireland:



Dang, misread the Challenge:

This one, Blue Green 600 would have less than 5 not counting the one I wrote already - does that count?


I think 5 was setting the bar a little too low - everyone is doing such a wonderful job leaving love in the gallery. Or should we branch out to the rest of the gallery?

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

Yesterday, 09:36 AM

My 5 items I have most of these with me all the time, you' never know, right? :)














Hiking Boots


Ooh, Kindle. Good job spotting this necessity.

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

Yesterday, 09:27 AM

Warning, I take many photo op breaks on my walks so I'll just catch up. Here are my five things....


Floral wreath for my head








Cheesecake and choc covered strawberries


Glad that some of you take trips seriously and are prepared for different scenarios. I am just skipping along, lalalalala!

floral wreath - I like the way you think..

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

Yesterday, 09:25 AM



We're having a dinner party in a couple of weeks and this little voyage inspired me to do an international menu.  Every dish is representative of a different country.  I'm making little passports with menus and visa stamps inside for place cards.  Should be fun!

That does sound like fun! I wonder if I could do a pot luck thing for a bunch of international students?