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Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

29 July 2013 - 06:52 PM

Hi, Although it's true that I haven't spent a lot of money since the changeover, although I used to. I wanted to see what changes would take place and I'm not pleased. If I'm good enough to be a member of a site, good enough that you'll take my money for merchandise, good enough to receive your mailings, good enough to post on your site, etc and so on - then I should be good enough to join in any contests that are provided for members. To limit a draw to US residents only, seems very unfair to me, as well as close minded. I know that you'll delete this thread and I don't really care if you do. Since I'm not good enough for your draws, you can delete my profile as well if it makes you feel better. Writing to you in this forum makes me feel better about being slammed by a group that I've been a member of for years. Have yourselves a good day and enjoy your sales, because there won't be any more purchases from me.